Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nike+ iPod: Excitement and Awesomeness

I love music. I need it for everything. EVERYTHING. So, naturally, I bring my tunes with me while I'm running. I have been using my ghetto little iPod shuffle for all my workouts but have been pining for the nano ever since my discovery of the Nike+ system.

Guess what I got the other day? That's right, iPod nano and the Nike+ system... as a gift, no less! It's even my favorite green color. Somebody loves me!

I've been super obsessed with it ever since I ripped it out of the package and as I expected, is a great motivational tool for my runs. Everything is being automatically tracked by the Nike+ website with graphs, goals, training schedules, forums, challenges, the works! It's really cool to have hard data on my runs: mileage, pace, calories burned, time. I am in heaven with this right now.

I've set a few goals for myself on the site:
- Distance: finish 50 miles in 4 weeks
- Run more often: workout 20 times in 4 weeks
- Calories: burn 7000 calories in 4 weeks

I'm happy to say that so far, I am ahead on every one of these goals I've set!

I've also entered a few community challenges to compete against other users... and even created my own! Naturally, mine is the best. Here it is:

Overall, life is treating me good. I have that biology test in a few hours and I'm looking forward to getting that done and out of the way. If I pass, I will be on cloud nine.

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