Monday, February 23, 2009

A Very Ambitious Running Schedule

There are two main things that I need to work on as a runner: endurance and speed.

After running (4.38 miles mutha uckah!) tonight, I decided that it would be in my best interest to incorporate interval training into my regular routine. I have strayed from the C25K schedule now that I am comfortable running for extended periods of time, but I miss the structure that it provided! As a result, I have created the following overly ambitious schedule to follow:

Monday: Interval training for speed – sprint ¼ mile, walk ¼ mile, repeat for 30 minutes
Tuesday: Run nonstop for endurance – run 3 miles, walk 10 minutes, run 3 miles
Wednesday: Interval training – sprint ¼ mile, walk ¼ mile, repeat for 30 minutes
Thursday: Endurance Run – run 2 miles, walk 5 minutes, run 2 miles
Friday: Interval training – sprint ¼ mile, walk ¼ mile, repeat for 30 minutes
Saturday: Endurance Run – 40 minute nonstop run
Sunday: Rest

Mileage: speed ~9 miles, endurance ~14 miles; ~23 miles total for the week!

It's like a beginning runner's boot camp! I realize that it's a bit ambitious, but I'm going to try it out this week and see how I fare. At the end of the week, I'll adjust it based on my experience. Regardless of how I do, I will most definitely be staggering days of distance running and sprinting from now on... especially since word on the streets is those sprinting intervals boost your metabolism like crazy. Faster pace + increased metabolism = WIN!

On the interval training days, I’m thinking of adding a yoga workout in the evening to stretch out my poor muscles, relax and clear my head. I have only been doing the basic pre-run stretches and consequently have really tight leg muscles 24/7 now. Not cool. So that's another three workouts that can be added to my self-inflicted boot camp.

Hopefully, the results will be worth all the hard work.

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